Welcome to the Bunny-Land Switzerland

It is a pleasure to have you here on our website. We are breeder of rabbits with drooping ears and small size, for already 20 years. Our important work is, to show you, that the development of baby-rabbits is especially important. To buy a rabbit before 14 weeks can give problems on health and can also give very seriously complications. Also, we do not sell rabbits in families, only because the parents are looking for their children wishes. Children chance quickly the ideas and then the rabbits are placed again. So, if you, as adult, are interested in buying a rabbit for yourself, then it is ok. But it is not ok to buy it for your children. An animal is never a toy. 


We checkup how the rabbits will live in your home (in- or outdoor) and we sell rabbits only with a contract of protection. For a female you will pay here in our breed 80 CHF. For castration (male) you must pay 100.- additionaly. So, a male castrated will be selled 180.- in our breed. 


We here in Switzerland should have never 1 rabbit alone, only if the health of this rabbits needs to be alone. 2 rabbits are ok. Better is 2 oder 4 in a group, for their long happiness in life. 


Theirs homes must give protection before wild living animals, cats, or dogs. So, we check this before one of our rabbits leave our breed.



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